Bandarban University is the first Public-Private Partnership (PPP) University in Bangladesh. The university is approved by the government of Bangladesh and the University Grant Commission of Bangladesh (UGC). It has been established in the greenery of Bandarban hill district in order to create a serene and perfect environment for learning. Mr. BirBahadur UShweSing, Minister of the Ministry of Chittagong Hill affairs is the founder of the Bandarban University and he found Mr. Kyaw Shwe Hla, Chairman of Bandarban Hill district council (BHDC) as the best associate in establishing the university. A dream become reality by Honorable Minister of the Ministry of Chittagong Hill affairs of establishing a university in Bandarban.

Minister shares his dream with Chairman of Bandarban Hill district council about establishing a university in Bandarban. Mohammad Nurul Abser as Executive officer of BHDC took the initiatives to establish a university in Bandarban.

A foundation created in the name of “Bandarban Shikkha O Unnayan Foundation” (Bandarban Education & Development Foundation) comprising members of the civil society, distinguished businessmen, high officials of the government and non-government organizations, local people representatives and renowned organizers and professors of different public and private universities.

The foundation elected honorable minister Mr. Bir Bahadur U Shwe Sing mp as the chairman of the foundation and Chairman of Bandarban Hill district council Mr. Kyaw Shwe Hla as the co-chairman of the foundation.

The foundation creates an MoU with BHDC to establish a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) University in Bandarban, in the name of “Bandarban University”. Among the foundation members Prof. Dr. Farid Uddin Ahammed, Prof. Dr. Amir Mohammad Nasrullah, and Professor Sarwar Jahan worked to prepare required documents. It is a matter of great fortune that honorable Prime Minister of the Government Republic of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina spread her kind helping hand in establishing the university.

Finally, Bandarban University got the approval of the University Grant Commission of Bangladesh (UGC) and the Government of Bangladesh in 2018. Bandarban University was inaugurated grandly on 7 March 2019. From the very beginning, the university is trying to the best to ensure a wonderful and perfect environment of study or learning and all modern equipment or learning aids for the students. The university has opened a new horizon of higher study / tertiary education for the knowledge seeker students of Bangladesh especially for the students of the hill tract of Bangladesh. Bandarban University has become a symbol of great hope, enthusiasm, and prosperity for the people of Hill tract of Bangladesh especially for the people of Bandarban.


The main mission of the university is to create proficient, professional, expert and practically skilled manpower through proper higher education in post-secondary/graduation or post-graduation level ensuring optimal spiritual and mental development. The university will not confine its activities to mere acquiring and giving knowledge. It will try its best to make a perfect arrangement of practicing knowledge. Bandarban University will facilitate research works on social, economic, historic, national and international issues and crises or any scientific topic. The university also aims at the overall development of the local tribal communities or ethnic groups so that they can build themselves to contribute to the actual development of Bangladesh. ICT based education programs of the university will help the students studying face the challenges of the 21st century and build themselves as qualified citizens for establishing digital Bangladesh. The university will find out meritorious but needy or financially weak students and give them professional training in post-secondary level build them perfectly.


The vision of Bandarban University is to perfectly impart high-quality education and skill to the students. The university wants to make a creative generation who will bring about a positive change in the present socio-economic, cultural, technical and political condition of the country. Building themselves the students of the university will build the nation and achieve excellence in every educational field.