Combined GPA of 5.00 in S.S.C and H.S.C with minimum 2.5 in each or total GPA of 6.00 with minimum GPA of 2.00 either in S.S.C or in H.S.C GCE O- Level in minimum 5 subject with a GPA 2.50 and GCE A- Level in 2 subject with a minimum GPA 2.00. Engineering students must have maths and physics in their H.S.C with at least B grade. If a student secures GPA 2.00 in S.S.C or H.S.C then he/she should have to GPA 4.00 in the other to make GPA 6.00 in order to have admission to Bandarban University. In this case, less then GPA 2.00 is not permitted for admission. Anyone having GPA of minimum 2.50 can seek admission to master program of the University.